See our special video filmed procedures with Black Sea /medical/ lye and mud usage

Back and cross massage with Black Sea lye massage gel

Масажен гел АНХИАЛО

Massage gel

Black Sea lye has strong anti-inflammatory action mineralized body and stimulates the protective reactions and processes it. Magnesium in lye is extremely beneficial to the human body with a beneficial effect on musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

Treatments with saline and marine minerals are useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis, disc hernia, radiculitis, rheumatic complaints, muscle pain, varicose veins, and there is also in the fight against cellulite.

 Back and cross massage with Black Sea lye massage oil

Масажно масло АНХИАЛО

Massage oil

Due to its unique composition lye is extremely diverse therapeutic effect:

  • strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • toning and relaxing the whole body
  • mineralized body - in massage through the skin are accepted at 100% mineral ingredients contained in lye
  • stimulating natural defense reactions of the immune system
  • regenerate tissues in the body

Compress with Black Sea lye warmed through Bain Marie

Разтвор за тяло, вана и компреси АНХИАЛО

Bath solution (Black Sea lye)

The lye is heated in a water bath / most through Bain Marie / 38-40C to prepare and compress soaked cotton cloth covered with nylon and cloth top. Wrap painful section and aged from 20 minutes to several hours. It applies from 10 to 14 days a course of treatment.

Lye compresses are applied primarily for diseases of the musculoskeletal system; in rheumatic, traumatic orthopedic and neurological diseases.


Mud bath for the whole body with mud Black Sea (Pomorian) mud

Application method - mud applications is held in a special purpose trough couch on which there is a blanket, nylon, cotton sheet. On it puts heated to 38-42C with mud and body smeared in a layer of 1-2 cm. And screwed layer by layer, sheet, blanket and nylon. Duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes, after which the patient was washed with showering marine, mineral or rapna water. Mud transfers heat quickly and at minimal heat loss. Heat factor in muddy applications works most actively, and the penetration of water-soluble constituents of the mud in the body is less of it in vats. The course mud applications is 12-14.
The applications are: whole - the whole body /heart area without/
chastichna- different parts of the body pants, shorts, boots, belt, neck, face, hat and more.

Bath with Black Sea lye

Разтвор за тяло, вана и компреси АНХИАЛО

Bath solution (Black Sea lye)

Baths - 500-2000 ml stabilized Black Sea lye / body solution / dissolved in 70-80 l. of water at 37-40C. Duration of procedure 15-20 minutes. After bath body rinse with clean water. In hypertensive patients be administered under medical supervision.

Black Sea lye is rich in magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate. That is why it is called magnesium lye. There are pronounced positive effect on the treatment of chronic joint disease.

Ultrasound procedure with Black Sea lye

Масажен гел АНХИАЛО

Massage gel

Ultrasound - affect diseases of the peripheral system, consequences of CNS (Central Nervous System) disorders, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic inflammation in various organs and tissues, gynecological diseases and others.

With its help the lye enter more deeply into the skin and thus its healing effect is enhanced significantly.

Inhalations with lye solution

Lye inhalation - Inhalation with lye (2-5% solution with distilled water) apply to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Lye solution is inhaled through a special device / inhaler / and so falls directly into the lungs. Facilitate the treatment of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

With the special assistance of Festa Medica, Pomorie